Produits BCM is the story of a purely regional business that made its debut in February 1975 in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean on rue Néron in Chicoutimi. Produits Municipaux BCM was originally a municipal distribution division integrated into the activities of Industries Couture Ltée for nearly 20 years. Whereas Industrie Couture had for its part become the industrialized evolutionary version of Les Ateliers Émile Couture.

Modestly, the company was founded and started its activities with 6 people working for it. Since then, an exceptional team of 25 employees have served an increasingly large and diverse clientele.

Produits BCM, specialist in the supply of civil engineering materials (waterworks and sewer), has broadened its range of products over the years which today amounts to all buried materials intended for municipal, industrial and commercial services as well as for distribution of paint, ceramic installation products and exterior acrylic coating DRYVIT.

The success of the organization is based on a current and ever-pervasive code of conduct. As well as by the remarkable contribution of all the staff of the BCM team who have largely contributed to forging the solid reputation of the company.

It goes without saying that the future of BCM is very bright. Its openness to recent technologies, new markets and above all its desire to ensure a solid and daring succession will consolidate the leadership position of BCM Products.