Rust-Anode® Technology


Rust-Anode® Technology is cold galvanizing. A cold galvanization made with an organic zinc coating, one component, which contains pure zinc at 99.995%, forming an electrochemical bond.

Compared with hot dip galvanizing, metallization or electrolytically applied at equal thickness, Rust-Anode® technology offers the same cathodic galvanizing performances.

Rust-Anode® Technology can be used in several fields, namely: Maritime, Transport, Tanks, Tower, Briges and Structures.

Characteristics of the Rust-Anode Primer

  • Mono-component product
  • 99.995% pure organic zinc
  • Lower in VOCs 
  • Cathodic protection due to electrochemical bond with the metal (measurable [Ω resistance])
  • Easy to apply with standard painting equipment, including electrostatic
  • Required surface preparation: SSPC-SP7 or SSPC-SP6, or acid, depending on case
  • May be applied on non-friable rust, free of dust  
  • Can recharge existing zinc from hot galvanization;
  • Can be covered with most paint products
  • Rust-Anode® Primer comes in only one colour: flat grey natural zinc RAL # 7005 .
  • An equal dry film thickness of Rust-Anode® Primer provides the same performance as hot galvanization and metallization
  • No structural distortion
  • Metal with Rust-Anode® on, can be welded through with less of the release of toxic gases or flash
  • Has anti-fouling properties ([anti-shelling] when immersed)
  • High resistance to saltwater and salty environments
  • May be applied to aluminium, concrete and existing paint after minimal cleaning
  • Resists hydrocarbons such as hydraulic fluid, diesel, gasoline, urea, etc.
  • Dries quickly (hygro-reactive) in moist environments
  • Can be used at any time to retouch Rust-Anode® Primer coated surfaces
  • Can be applied at temperatures from  –5°C and +37°C (23°F to +98°F)
  • Meets ASTM B117 (Salt Spray Test), ASTM D522 (Mandrel Bend Test), CAN/CGSB 1-GP-71 Method 119.5 and CAN/CGSB 1.181 and Canadian Food Inspection Agency standardshListe à puces, élément 3

The alternative to hot dip galvanizing process

It becomes possible, with Rust-Anode® Technology, to give new life to your hot-dip galvanizing without dismantling your existing structures.

No other product can give you this unique advantage

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